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Happy New Year!

Son, another year has passed. You turned 11, and I am back to being in the same age bracket as my little sister. I know she can’t be that old, so I must still be young. Your mom got a few more grey hairs this year, but probably not from aging. 

Here are some of the signs and events from this year that stick out: 

I got laid off from work. I was very happy when it happened. I stuck it out while I let go of half of my team, some of who were long time friends. I didn’t have to tell your mom I quit another job! I was proud of myself, but now realize it would have been much easier to endure had I put my trust in God and his plan for me. He helped get me out of that situation, but he gave me many lessons to learn from. 

It wasn’t the best of years financially, but it made us start to appreciate what we have. Isn’t it weird how being a little tighter on what we spend makes you more grateful for what you do get? Do you think it is just by chance that your mom’s sales quadrupled last year?  

I started a new company. I was going to teach insurance licensing classes and work with your Aunt in an office she rented downtown. I learned that being a business owner is not what I’ve been called to do, but I did get to spend some extra time with your Aunt. That was worth it!

I ended up not applying to become a Navigator for the new Affordable Care Act. I was going to seek a grant from the federal government to help people enroll and understand their health insurance options. I am thankful, because that would have been high stress (especially with all the glitches) and more like a business owner that I knew wasn’t for me. Instead, I ended up getting a job helping people do the same thing except without the stress and with more time to keep writing.

I applied for many manager and supervisor positions and I didn’t get one call. I was even turned down by an auto insurance company (my niche) that is still hiring like crazy. All because the plan for me was to be in the job I have now. It is a job that I can really help people and sometimes even get paid to write. It was not in God’s plan for me to go back to those high paid, high stress management jobs. He had other plans for me in 2013.

We started going to church! This is what started everything going in the right direction for me. Because I went to church, I started receiving the messages I needed about living my life like it is my last day. I heard about how to not be embarrassed sharing God’s word. I learned to be a better person, but one humble enough to understand I have a long way to go. When we miss church on Sunday I don’t feel as good and my writing suffers. Coincidence?

We started doing some charity and volunteer work this year. Who knows, this may be the start of some charitable organization we run someday. I have more plans for us this year. Although we made a good start on Christmas morning, we must continue our efforts throughout all of 2014. 

I got my faith back, and you are starting to find yours. I finally figured out the help I needed was there for me all along. I just needed to ask, and have faith God would deliver. It’s been nothing short of amazing what he has done for us this year! He gave a man who did nothing but stress over the future his hope back. He showed me the plan he has for me, and helped me realize why my life has gone the way it has. I am no longer worried about tomorrow, but more focused on today. 

I am writing every day. Sure there are some days when I don’t get as much done, but this is the longest stretch I have ever been on. I feel like the words are just coming to me. I am content knowing I have shared with you some of my regrets and thoughts on the future. I am hopeful my words will resonate with you and help you avoid some of the same mistakes I made. I plan to keep telling you my lessons and showing you by example. 

Outside of marrying your mom and watching you grow up, nothing else will ever make me feel as fantastic as when I am doing good and helping others. I learned this from watching your grandparents, and you experienced some of this on our Christmas day mission. 

I’ll let God guide us, but we are not going to sit on the couch waiting. I don’t know exactly where God is going to take us, but I do know we are on the right path! The fact I am so happy and stress free means I am where I should be. Right now, this is what God wants me to be doing. 

My resolution is to continue to feel as good as I do right now!

I love you son. I am so excited to see what we can accomplish in 2014! 

Philippians 3:13-14
13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.