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Hey high schooler. 

I know you’ve noticed that our country is a mess. The anger and hate has grown to the point of boiling over . It reminds me of this scene in Ghostbusters where the angrier the people get, the more the evil slime grew. Soon it was taking over……      

 I have a cousin who recently disowned me; not because “I” support the wrong presidential candidate, but because a sister of mine does. (Talk about anger… should have seen the text he sent me). 

As a nation, we are stuck having to vote for the lesser of two evils. One candidate is a big bully who thinks two Corinthians is the name of a book in the Bible. He also claims to be very religious even after demoralizing women and calling them ugly dogs. The other is a documented liar whose faith somehow doesn’t discourage abortions. She preaches about income quality right after getting fitted for her $10,000 Armani suit.   

At this point son, I am at a loss…… Has our great country become so bad that these 2 candidates are the best we have to represent us to the rest of the world?  The current President ran on promises that he was going to bring the country together, but his words and actions have only drawn us further apart. The two candidates we have to pick from now are going to make it worse. 

Many have little hope, but fortunately I still have mine!   My hope comes from God. My hope comes from reading the Bible. My hope comes from the fact that in the grand scheme of things, our time here dealing with all this crap is very short. You see bud, when you compare eternity vs. the time we live on earth, our human life seems like a vapor. Poof and it’s over!  

When you put things in perspective you can see what is most important. Always remember the end of your time here on earth is the beginning of eternity in a place nothing like your life in Chandler, AZ, United States of America. It can either mark the beginning of forever somewhere much worse than you could ever imagine, or it could be the start of eternity in a place far better than you could ever earn or deserve.  Many will be lost, and some will find their way. The wide road to eternity is easy to drive, but it leads you to the wrong place. Choose the narrow less traveled road my boy!  

The only way we will turn things around and save the USA is through revival. As a nation, once the greatest nation on earth, we need to turn back to God and ask Him for help and forgiveness.  We need to turn back to the instructions He left us in his Word. I don’t have much hope that as a whole it is going to happen, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try!

This our our mission………..its up to you to choose to accept it. 

I love you son!  
James 4: 14: Whereas you know not what shall be tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away  

Bake me a cake as fast as you can?

Son, I am still trying to understand this whole religious freedom controversy here in the U.S.A.  We have the bakers who refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple.  We also have the flower lady who refuses to provide flowers for a gay wedding. There are many more examples like these.

I have a few questions first before I get into this:

What if the gay couple were Christians?  Does that matter?

Do these business owners ask what a person’s religion is before they offer their services?

What about Atheists?  Do they get the cake and flowers?

Divorced people who are seeking to get re-married, are they ok?

What about the customer who just moments before entering the flower shop lied to their boss about being sick and needing to miss work?

What about the straight couple who wants to get married, but already had pre-marital sex?  Do they get their cake and eat it too?

If faith tells you to not serve homosexual couples, does your faith also tell you not to serve ANYONE who believes in God and the Bible but lives a life contrary to their teachings?

I keep trying to think of what Jesus would do. I think he would show compassion.  I think he would take any chance he could to help people understand who He is, what He has done for us, and how we can get closer to Him.   Yes, like the story of the woman caught in adultery in the Bible that was about to be stoned to death, Jesus would forgive and tell them:  ”go and sin no more”, even though he knows that is impossible for them or any of us. (John 8)

I think if Jesus the man was still walking the earth today and just starting his ministry he would go straight to the LGBT people to let them know there is a place for them.  Just as in the Bible, Jesus didn’t go to the priests and religious people first; he went to the poor and needy and the sinners.  I think if Jesus were here, he would say something like “They have it wrong.  How can someone who sins everyday against me and my Father also condemn you who sin?   I think Jesus would assure them that there is room at God’s table for them if they believe and repent of their own sins; whatever sins those may be.

Jesus wouldn’t  turn anyone down.  Do we really think God looks down from heaven and says:  only help those who are blameless and sin-free?   If that was the case, there would be no one to help.   I get that the Bible says homosexuality is unacceptable and a sin.  However, it also says lying is a huge sin.  It also says having sex before marriage is a sin.   It also says knowing God, but not living the life he expects from you is a sin.  Can you imagine how horrified the people were when they saw Jesus touch the leper?  (Matthew 8) They were probably disgusted by people like that, but Jesus wasn’t.  He loved him, accepted him, and made him clean.  In fact, many people that others found repulsive or annoying Jesus made a point to help and tell us about in the Bible. There weren’t many people who thought anything was worse than being a tax collector back then, and Jesus made one a disciple.

When I think of tyranny and lack of freedom of religion, I think of the Christians being beheaded and thrown in jail just because they believe in God.    I think of what happened to Daniel when he was told anyone caught praying to any God other than the King of Persia was to be thrown in the lion’s den.(Daniel 6)  I think of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  They were 3 believers who were thrown in the fire because they did not bow down to the gold statue of the King of Babylon.(Daniel 1-3)  These are acts of real religious persecution.    By forcing someone to make that cake, or arrange those flowers, how are we losing our freedom of religion?

Adultery used to lead to death.  Does it anymore?  Working on a Sunday would lead to your banishment from your people, does that still happen?  Women who became pregnant before marriage were disowned and stoned to death, does that still occur here?  Are we to believe we are sinning by allowing our services to be used by anyone who considers themselves LGBT?  The money they pay us and we use to help others, would God blame us for that?  Does putting the flowers together for them drag us away from God?  Will God punish us for making that cake?  I say NO!

I believe from what I have read in the Bible that all sin can lead to death.  I believe God sent Jesus to die on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins; knowing we could not conquer sin ourselves.  In doing this He assured those who believe in Him and ask for forgiveness  will not die, but have everlasting life in heaven.

As I stated before when I wrote about this a year or so ago; my position has changed from how I thought most of my life.  Through God’s word (the Bible) and prayer for understanding, I have completely reversed the way I used to think about this issue.  How could I ever point a finger at someone else when I have lived the way I have?  I am grateful enough that God forgives me every day I admit my own sins to him.  I couldn’t imagine trying to condemn someone else for what they do.  All I can do is continue to learn more about how Jesus lived and always try to figure out WWJD!

I believe he would want us to show compassion and let his light burn bright in us for EVERYONE to see!

I love you son!


SB1062 is BS101

God’s law as written in the Bible says we are not to judge. It is said very clearly in many books of the Bible that we will be judged by God for judging others. It is a BIG no-no!

You know I will always stand up for religious freedom, but I will not support this new bill in Az. I think we should be more concerned with God’s law about judging others, and less concerned about protecting people who break his law.


                                                            PRIDE IN OUR COUNTRY


Son, when I grew up we were in the midst of the cold war. We were worried about Russia and their nuclear capabilities.   I remember thinking that someday we would all be erased by nuclear weapons.  We cared so much about our country, we bled read white and blue.   I guess the thought of not knowing if tomorrow would be the end of it all brought us closer together.    

One of the best moments from my childhood was when the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team beat the big bad Soviet Union squad.  We were major underdogs; nobody thought we stood any chance to beat them. Guess what, we did!   I think I celebrated for years after that historic win.   As Americans we all had one thing in common…..we couldn’t stand those darn communists. 

There wasn’t much that really pulled us all together in the years following the Soviet Union’s downfall.  It wasn’t until the horrible attacks of 9/11 (a year before you were born) that it seemed we all put our petty differences behind us and stood as one nation.   Unfortunately that didn’t last long.   Here we are just 12 years after the biggest attacks our country has ever experienced, and we are more divided than ever before. 

Some blame it on our country’s leaders, and yes they may be partially to blame.  However, I believe the real reason is that we forgot what it took to form and keep this great country of ours.  We forgot how we had to fight the British, who at the time were much more powerful and equipped to fight a war than a rag tag group of colonists.   The fact we won that war is absolutely amazing.   We don’t remember how many of your ancestors fought and died to protect our freedom.  We don’t care about history, because after all, “history is history”.  Who needs the past, when the future is what we care about. 

We forgot what it is like to build a house with our own sweat and tears, or go hunt for our own food.  We are spoiled, and self-centered.  We don’t have to “earn” our right to be here anymore, and we are starting to take our life in this great nation for granted.  Everything is given to us; we don’t have to work as hard to get it as those that came before us did.  Who knows what is in the history books at school nowadays, but instead of focusing on making you memorize important dates from history, we should be working on helping  you understand EVERYTHING it took to become the greatest country in the world.   

We need to think long and hard about things we can do to help bring this great country back together. How do we get our USA pride back?   What makes you proud to live here?  Do you and your cousins really know what makes this country so special?   Let’s see what we can come up with.