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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Let me tell you about something I am the best at. In fact, Wikipedia asked me to be the main contributor for this area because of my expertise.


I used the following to get out of mowing the yard, going to work, quitting my job, lying to others, going somewhere I didn’t want to go, spending money buying stuff I didn’t need, not writing, and MANY more….

I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m sore, I’ll do it later, I forgot, I don’t know how, it’s too late, it’s too early, I don’t want to, my car broke down, I’m too stressed, I have to work tomorrow, I didn’t have enough notice, I have other plans, I don’t feel like it, I went last time, it’s boring, I need to lose more weight first, I’m embarrassed, I don’t want to talk, it’s too hard, they won’t care if I don’t go, they don’t pay me enough for this, I thought it was due next week, I’ll do it next year, my kid is sick, it’s a school night, I would go but my wife doesn’t want to, if they are going I’m not, the grass was too wet to mow, it’s too cold outside, it’s too hot for that, I don’t want to get lectured, God won’t care if I miss it this one time, the big game is on, no one expects me to be there, the teacher didn’t explain it well, I’m not used to it, I shouldn’t have to, it’s beneath me, I’m not good in those situations, God will forgive me, they will get over it, she didn’t go to my party, the lawnmower won’t start, I couldn’t find it, I don’t have any clothes that fit, I’m having a bad hair day, ASU is playing, it’s the playoffs, my friends are coming over, it must have been Wendy, Kristi probably did it, he told me to, dad is over-reacting, mom is losing it, my parents gave me these bad habits, it doesn’t really work, I don’t understand why it’s so important, no one else is doing it, it’s my last time I promise, everyone deserves a pass now and then, I don’t feel good about myself, the devil made me do it, Ken needs my help, I haven’t golfed in weeks, there was a sale, I really needed it, I’ll pay it later, I need this car, it will make me look cool, Johnny has one so I should too, it’s easier to lie, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, I’ll tell her later, now is not a good time, he won’t understand, why me?, the cops won’t catch me, I need to be happy, it won’t kill me, it’s stupid, God wouldn’t want me to go, I was close, I got a B isn’t that good enough?, I don’t need to study as hard as others do, my teacher likes me so she won’t care, at least I started it, I did better than they did, they won’t notice, I’m afraid, I’m not it good shape, I don’t like my boss, that preacher isn’t very good, the church is too big, the church is too small, why should it matter, I can do whatever I want, they are too far, it’s been too long, I’ll just pay someone else to do it, my clothes are dirty, the typewriter isn’t working, my computer broke, I think I have something wrong with me, my back hurts, you don’t want to know, I don’t want to hear it, everyone grows apart, they have their own lives now, they are too busy, they always want something from me, I’m stupid, I’m too lazy, life is short why waste it doing yard-work, they are family they’ll get over it, it really doesn’t matter, everyone else is doing it, my favorite show is on, and I’ll show them.

This was probably the easiest three pages of writing I ever did. It wasn’t hard to remember most of them. It was never difficult for me to come up with an excuse. I could justify anything. I could fool most people with these excuses, but I could never fool myself.

I was arrogant and self-absorbed. I lived in my own world and had to have “my time” to do whatever I wanted to. Everything was about Bill. If I didn’t want to do something, I didn’t. Ask your Grandpa and Grandma, they have probably heard most of the excuses I listed out.

When you live each day like it’s you last, you don’t have time for excuses. Everything won’t be about you, but instead what you can do for others. Don’t be a flake like your dad was. If you hear me making excuses, feel free to call me on it.

I love you son,


Luke 14:18-20: But they all alike began to make excuses. The first said, ‘I have just bought a field, and I must go and see it. Please excuse me.’ “Another said, ‘I have just bought five yoke of oxen, and I’m on my way to try them out. Please excuse me.’ “Still another said, ‘I just got married, so I can’t come.’

Bad News

Son, first, you need to know what we are up against. You need to know what got us into this mess. I am to blame for much of what you are seeing wrong. If it isn’t’ apparent to you yet, there sure is a lot of “bad news” these days. It is no wonder I lost sight of what is important during times like these. Prayer and faith are the only things that can get us through. It took way too long for me to realize that. 

I’m sorry I had to sit in my car for 15 minutes once I got home from work to cool off and let go of my anger and frustration. I’m sorry you had to witness me arguing with my family over things I had no control of. I’m sorry you had to hear me call our political leaders names and talk down about the great people of this country. Maybe you can reverse the curve. Take a look at what covered the major news websites not long ago. This is just one day. (see below) We can’t let it get to us, we have to be strong.

“They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD.” Psalms 112:7

Let’s look at some recent headlines. (these are real headlines)
Fox News: 
• US Fury, DEA Killer flees in Mexico 
• Obama weighs options How would a military strike against Syria unfold
• Like a bomb went off. Yosemite fire grows as officials report progress
• Fort Hood Shooter rests case without speaking at sentencing
• Apparent cyber attack hits New York Times
• Atheists call 9-11 memorial cross “grossly offensive
• Girls Gone Wild porn founder gets jail for alleged assault.
• Here is a good one: Obama to give personal reflections on MLK 50 year anniversary of march.
• 16 year old survives first ever documented serious wolf attack in Minnesota
• Battles simmer over debt ceiling, government shutdown. 
• Schools ban cheerleader uniforms during class day
• Bradlee’s daughter in law reveals (almost) all. 
• Chinese boy, 6 has eyes gouged out in bloody attack
• California DA who had an affair with former prostitute, now person of interest in arson. 
• $3 million bail set for 2nd suspect in beating death of vet
• Stars who lost their mojo. Pictures
• 80,000 lb wail encounter (a good one for the kiddos)
• Stars rejected by Playboy 
• Alec argues with media again. 
• Cost of raising a tennis pro. (Sounds like it could be beneficial.)
• Mom fakes death of twins.
• Syrian Electronic Army claims cyber attacks
• Administration drums up support for Syrian strike
• Texas church at epicenter of measles outbreak. 
• Mother of Slain GA baby cross examined by Defense
• Bail at $3 million for 2nd teen in veteran beating case.
• Girls Gone Wild creator gets 270 days in jail
• Woman removed 6 year old’s eyes
• Napolitano warns of serious cyber attack, natural disaster
• PA child porn victim sues viewers for 150K each
• Medal of honor winner on getting the president’s call. (sounds like a great one)
• Burger King to offer French Fry Burger for $1.
• Ford recounts assassination attempt. 
• Florida boy dies after battling brain eating parasite. 
• World’s largest round cut diamond for sale. 
• Missing Arizona teen found dead in Oregon

• Syria’s youngest victims: Hospitals struggle to identify dead children. 
• Breaking News: New York Times hacked for 2nd time in 2 weeks. 
• King in 1967: “ my dream has turned into a nightmare.”
• Brought to his knees, can Tiger conquer his injuries?
• Yosemite fire growing to one of the largest ever in California
• Teen suspect: We were buying crack WWII vet.
• More photos from Boston manhunt released.
• SC diners claim they were kicked out because of race
• Slain Australian baseball player remembered at funeral.
• Feds: Bank chair used bailout money for luxury condo
• Casino bets on strippers to boost flagging fortunes
• Flying family dilemma, lug the car seat or pay up at rental counter (could be informative)

• Red Line: Why is it chemical weapons?
• War killed 100,000 before attack
• Virus likely culprit of dolphin deaths
• Fukushima toxic leak “serious”
• Hasan draws a gasp in the courtroom
• NY Times down in likely attack
• Stocks slump on Syria fears
• Interactive: How racism still sneaks in.
• Starbucks: No Obamacare cuts. 
• Walmart to cover domestic partners
• AEG expert: MJ was a drug addict
• 8 dengue cases detected in Florida
• Teen fan of “into the wild” found dead
• Teen wakes to wolf biting his head
• Printers botch new $100 bill. 
• Can bulletproof whiteboards really help? 
• Miley Cyrus is sexual, get over it. 
• Cheerleader grabs 72lb catfish (cool, but why did they have to say cheerleader to describe her?)
• Tech that will save your life in an apocalypse.