My fellow Christians and God fearing friends.  It is time to stand up and show the world what we are made of!  It’s time we start acting like Christians.  It’s time to step up our game.  It’s time to show them why our side is better.  It’s time for grace and forgiveness and understanding.  It’s time to put politics aside and start living the life that others will want to mirror.  It’s time to rely on God and not our politicians.

We won’t win them over by engaging in useless rhetoric.  We won’t win them over by preaching but not practicing.  Understand where they are coming from.   Love them, show them, and answer them if they ask you why you are so calm in this storm.  People are scared, angry, hopeless……doesn’t this sound like an opportune time to show them there is a solution? Don’t know how a Christian should act?  Open the Bible, read it.

Let’s get er done.



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