Hey bud. I think it’s pretty interesting that I am studying The Book of Joshua at the same time millions of people are clamoring over the upcoming solar eclipse.
I just finished Joshua Chapter 10. Joshua asked God to keep the sun still until the Israelites’ victory in battle was complete. The sun and the moon stayed in their same spots for 24 hours. Now that is amazing!
Remember, the sun and the moon were created by God to be containers for the light. You know who is the source of all light…….
We are never to worship things He “created”. We are only to worship Him, the “CREATOR”. What is considered worshiping the sun and moon? I would say if you are spending more time thinking about, planning for, and being excited about the eclipse than you are about the ONE who created it, you might be worshipping them.
I wonder what God thinks about this upcoming solar eclipse consuming everyone like it’s some big religious experience?
I’m not saying don’t go check it out. I’m saying give credit for it where credit is due. If you are going to get all worked up over it, there better be lots of thanks to the One who created it all.
Love you bud. If you want to keep an eye up in the sky, look to the East. I’m not sure when it is coming, but it will sure be a sight to see!
I love you Zachary!

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