Hey bud. I sure had a crazy but great day yesterday! I ended up getting to spend some time with an old friend made new again; my brother from another mother, Eddie Silva. Eddie’s dad Lorenzo, a long-time Chandler resident, just passed away. I figured I’d go over and hang out with him for a little while.  Eddie and I have known each other since 5th grade. We lost touch after high school as we both went our separate ways through life the last 25+ years.  He is a good guy, salt of the earth.
We have a lot in common, and we talked at length about how past experiences have given us a much different perspective on what is important in life now that we are old men. We have both come to the conclusion that simplicity is best. Life is so much better when kept simple.
The more we want……the more we “have” to have……the more complicated life gets. You need to work more to make more, to buy more, to have more. When you work more, you spend less time with your loved ones; so that starts to complicate things. You get more bills coming in the mail each month, you have more people to answer to. You have less freedom. You save little, and are not as prepared when things like a layoff or injury hit you out of the blue.
I told Eddie I would love to find a way to help kids out there avoid some of the wasted time and money and hard times that befell both of us. Eddie said it will be a difficult task because “after all, look at us, we didn’t listen to our parents”.
Then it struck me……We didn’t listen because our parents were too stiff! They had too many rules and values we had to live by. They weren’t risky enough for us. They weren’t fun. We had to say the pledge of allegiance, we had to have dinner with the neighbors, we had to go to church. Back then, TV networks and radio stations got fined for saying “hell” on television. Ugh, what kid wants all that? Talk about BORING and LAME….
Eddie and I decided early on that we had to go the opposite direction of our parents and live life to our version of its fullest. We had to party, spend, and above all; do whatever WE wanted to do. “We will show them” we said. We spent large amounts of money on alcohol and lavish items we don’t have now. We both had way too much fun, and we both had our own wake up calls once God decided the fun was over.
Well son as you can probably tell; that attitude of us rebelling against our parent’s boring, safe and simple lifestyles hasn’t worked. Maybe now kids are seeing that all the so called fun and lack of values going on in their homes and the world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe you and your friends will realize you don’t want to be like your parents. Wanting to rebel against how your parents live and act would be a good thing this time around for most kids.
Eddie and I had little excuse to not listen to our parents and live like they did. You and your generation have every excuse in the book to NOT take after your parents.
My idea is to show you through these posts and videos my efforts to break away from what you are seeing unfold in the world out there. I’m trying to show you what the Bible says a Christian is supposed to live like. I’m trying to show you how much better you can be and do. The life I am trying to lead isn’t only for pastors or ministers or priests; it is the life we all should strive to live.
You can judge for yourself if you want to take after me and the life I am trying to live now. You need to know It’s not always easy, and sometimes you may have a short meltdown. This is what is called the refining process. Four years ago, I would not have even offered help to a stranger in need. Now, I had to get over guilt for not helping someone out more than I did.
It is a process. We get cleaned off, shined and smoothed out with every struggle. This only happens if you learn from it and find the lesson He wants you to get out of it.
It may finally be time you and your friends will listen to new ideas on how to live. Maybe you are getting frustrated enough by the actions of adults; that you will want to try something different. There is hope my son!
Love you bud!

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