Dear Lord. Thank you for allowing me to grow up in this great country! Thank you for the wonderful fellow citizens you have introduced me to over the years.
I know we are disappointing you with our actions and lack of respect for you, I am so sorry! Please continue to be patient with this great nation. Many of us know we are great only because you made it so.
Those of us who read and know your Word understand how fast we are falling away. Maybe you will send someone like Jonah to warn us. Maybe we will be like those evil Ninevites, and repent and turn to you. (The Book of Jonah)
Thank you Lord for opening my eyes…..even if sometimes it weighs heavily on my soul when I see how far off we are.
I pray you will continue to use me…..”Here I am Lord, send me” Isaiah 6:8.
I love you!
Your adopted son,

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