Hey bud. Let’s pretend we could put a number to eternity. Let’s just say that number is 80 years.  
Now lets look at our lifespan here on Earth relative to the 80 years that we are saying hypothetically equals eternity.  

Using some theory that I am sure I learned in school……..our lifespan here on earth would account for less than a second of eternity. So, if eternity = 80 years, less than a second of those 80 years would be spent on earth. 

Can you see how limited our time here is in relation to eternity? This is exactly why those $200 pair of sneakers that help pay OBJ millions aren’t worth it. Our time is short, buy 20 pairs of $10 used sneakers and give them out to the homeless instead. This is the attitude that will help prepare you for eternity where most of our time will be spent. 

Love ya little fella!


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