I have been thinking a lot lately about how God protects and blesses those who love Him and put Him first. Those who try their best to live as He would want them to live. Those who trust in what God promised He would do for them.
There are countless examples in the Bible of great men and women who were rewarded for their faith. Their faith in Him is what mattered most to our Almighty God. Although none of them were perfect, and their lives weren’t always peaches and cream, their reward came from their relationship with God. He protected them before they were even called to duty, because unlike them, God knew what was coming. He knew how they would respond to His call so He did everything to protect them until they were ready for the task. He prepared them, many times years before they would ever even use the tools God blessed them with for the job.
There were so many stupid things I did growing up that I look back on now and think: “wow, why did God help me through that one? Why has He been so patient with me, even now?” I think it ‘s because He knows that eventually I will come around and do what He has called me to do. I’m thinking I must live out His will in my life some day or why would he bless me, look out for me, and guide me like He has?
There are no coincidences in life. God knows everything. He knows what decisions we will make with the free will He gave us. He knew I would say “yes” before he even created the earth. He knows how I felt in my heart as a young man, and He knows how I feel today.
I always knew He was there, even if I chose to ignore Him. I prayed to Him when I needed help, at least those times I didn’t think there was any way I could fix it myself. In a way, at least going to Him, even if only in extreme circumstances, was more than most people probably do. He always answered my prayers, even though he knew the next day I wouldn’t even remember what He did for me.
If God saw that my future was a complete reversal of the work he Has done over these last 4 years in my life; I highly doubt He would have been as patient with me as He has been.
I guess we will soon see my boy!

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