Hey bud, here is more hypocrisy I want to share with you. It appears everyone forgot that when Obamacare was passed “NO ONE” in the senate or house actually read it. In fact, I was probably one of the few who did. The law was only an outline when it passed; there was no meat to it at all. Thousands and thousands of pages followed that initial release of the law because there was nothing in it. Yet, now everyone on capital hill is freaking out because Trump didn’t do the same thing and just ram his solution down our throats. Thankfully, after receiving good advice, he is waiting to make sure it will work and that there is actual substance to it before it is passed.
The majority of democrats are holding on to their support of Obamacare even in light of the FACTS that it isn’t working and will implode. If this doesn’t show they are out of touch with reality, I don’t know what will.
The hypocrisy drives me nuts. and I know you are seeing it every day. Maybe seeing all us two faced people will help you and your generation learn and become truth tellers, not hypocritical scare mongers. Maybe you will be able to work together towards solutions instead of holding on to dying positions at any cost. Maybe you guys will be able to admit your mistakes and move forward to fix them.
You are growing up in a world where everyone says one thing and does the opposite. It’s happening in our churches, it’s happening in our schools, it’s happening in DC and you witness it everywhere by everyone. Remember, there is only One who will never disappoint and who never was,is, or will be a hypocrite.
Maybe this is why so many hate Him. He isn’t like everyone else they see as examples in this world.
Love you young fella!
John 8:32: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

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