Hey slugger. We live in a world where everyone seems to pick and choose only the verses they think suit them best from the Bible. They quote small pieces of it’s words to either prove their point or disprove someone else’s. Many a post on social media and in user comments of online news stories are riddled with bits and pieces of scripture from Christians and non-believers alike………both trying to prove they are right about what the Bible says.  

Those who don’t believe in God like to point to verses they say justify their conclusion that He is a chauvinistic uncaring and strict dictator. They pick a verse from the Bible and compare it to another one to try and show that the Bible contradicts itself or that God all the sudden changed His mind. 

At the same time, many Christians only point to verses where the Bible talks about sins they just “have to” point out their neighbor is doing. Some Christians only read or discuss verses that make them feel warm and fuzzy, while avoiding so called hard to explain ones or those that make them feel guilty or uncomfortable. 

Son, a little knowledge of the Word of God is a dangerous thing. To learn just a little will tend to confuse you. You need an overall view of the Bible before you start deciding what is right and what is wrong. Let the Word (itself), teach you. It takes time to read and study the Bible; something most people just won’t do. There is no “cliff notes” version, you must put in the time.  

I thought I knew so much about what the Bible said before I even read it all. Wow, was I off on the Truth that lies in those pages. You can’t just read it and try to understand it with your head. It takes your heart, and help from the One who breathed it into existence. Once you have read it, studied it, and know the whole story, you will see there are no contradictions. You will learn that He loves us more than you could have ever imagined. You will know the Bible is a story of God’s incredible grace, but you will also learn few will accept that gift. 

Once you know the Bible, your view of the world will change. It will open your eyes to all the contradictory teaching out there. You will know why you can’t pick and choose.

Love you stud!

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