Son, there is a false belief held by some Christians that if you are a good Christian you will not offend anyone. In fact, a Christian who offends people is sometimes considered to be just one more arrogant, insensitive, narrow-minded Christian, because it is thought that “true” Christians are sensitive and considerate, and would never offend anyone.
It should never be our “wish” to offend anyone, but you must realize that the truth, even if it is presented in love, will offend some people. We each have the choice to either love people enough to tell them the truth, knowing that we might offend them, or we can choose to simply be quiet and not risk offending anyone.
All we have to do is look to the one who proclaimed the truth more than any other person on the planet. He offended people, divided crowds, made people uptight, and enraged the masses more than any other person who ever lived. Of course, this person is Jesus. His truth does not depend on, nor is it changed by, people’s opinions.
It is important for us to work hard to discover what is and what is not true. The only way we can find out the truth is by reading and studying the Bible. Most Christians will tell you that the Bible is indisputably God’s words given to man, but then they fail to accept it when it makes them uncomfortable.
A major tactic of the devil is to create a climate in our country where there is a lot of disagreement over truths from the Bible. That way, anyone who claims to have the truth is considered ignorant or high and mighty, and is therefore easily dismissed.
It is safe to assume that neither you nor I are going to come up with a way to present the Bible without offending some people. Many will reject us, and some will even try to stop our Christian activities.
What was good for Jesus and the disciples should be good enough for us. If our goal in life is to not offend anyone and to have everyone like us, then chances are good we are not real disciples of Jesus.
Of course I realize that if you want to fill churches and keep the money pouring in, then the way to go is to preach a man-centered and man-pleasing message. Churches that fall in to this category tell people what they “want” to hear, but not what they “need” to hear.
Telling the truth however will always alienate people, always upset people, and always offend people. How can this not be the response? When we talk about the gospel that Jesus and the disciples preached, we should expect to get the same reaction that Jesus and the disciples got.
All the great men of God who proclaimed God’s truth in God’s way got some negative responses. That is just how it goes I am afraid. Whether or not someone likes what the Bible says does not change the truth of the Bible.
Again, we should not be offensive just to be offensive, but we should not be afraid to speak the truth of God when the need arises. The gospel that offends no one is not the gospel of the Bible.
I love you my son!
Galatians 4:16: “Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth”?

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