Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump. I heard your comments on Sunday to your staff: “We will face many challenges, but with the faith in each other and the faith in God we will get the job done.”

I also saw how your chief of staff read one of my favorite Bible verses: “it’s from Isaiah 40:31.’Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not be faint.’

Although I am very excited that in the short time you have been in office the Creator of “All” has been mentioned more times than I can recall it happening in the last 8 years from your predecessor… a Christian who is becoming more mature in my faith each day, I have some advice for you:

1. We have plenty of “Christians in name only”. It does no good to anyone to mention your faith if you don’t practice it daily. I pray you take that to heart and that God works through you to help this become a reality.

2. In the Bible Jesus teaches us to turn the other cheek and to always take the “high road”. I realize this may be hard for you (it was for me), but you can ask for help from Him. If I can do it with His help, you can too.

3. You have the ability to lead by example and show the world what the daily walk of a Christian should be like. The instructions are written in that book you swore on at your inauguration. My hope for you is that you continue to read and learn from it.

4. Remember, you may be the only example some will see of our faith. It is a huge responsibility, and should not be taken lightly.

I have been working hard these last 4 years to get rid of the hate, sarcasm, and dumb hurtful comments I used to have as part of my daily life. Please know that your actions can demolish the efforts I and many other Christians have put in trying to show what Christianity should look like.

Please, please take your responsibility seriously. A person in your position can cause more damage to our faith than a President who doesn’t believe in God. On the flip side, you have the chance to change people’s lives and give them hope knowing a better life is available to them. (I’m not talking about just our time here on earth)

I pray for you every day my brother! Remember God’s grace is deeper than any ocean. He will forgive the past if you commit to Him in the present and future. I am a good example of His grace in action……you can be too!

Let’s turn this place around!

Bill, an ordinary citizen (AKA….Zach’s dad)
#GodBlessAmerica #HopeMySon

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