Hello my son!  I am so proud of you, and thank you for being such a kind, caring, & loving person!   Keep that with you for life, don’t let others ever change who you are.

People wonder why the Democrats who were so disgusted at the disrespect the Republicans gave President Obama are now doing the same thing to Trump. How can they be so outraged at that behavior over the last 8 years but now think it’s OK for them to act that way?

It’s not because they are hypocrites……..it’s because they saw how effective it was for the Republicans. The politicians have realized that taking the high road doesn’t win elections like taking the low road does. Nice guys finish last and aren’t news worthy.

Until we Americans change what motivates us; dirty, nasty politics will always trump honest hard working politicians who refuse to get into back and forth name calling and smear campaigns.

We created this monster, we can change it. Demand more from our politicians. Demand courtesy, respect and integrity even if it’s “boring”.


Love you son!



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