Motivational Speaker or Christian Preacher?

Hey bud. Another thing you and your generation are going to have to figure out is how to avoid falling for the crap these guys and gals are shoveling out. The Bible has over 2,000 verses on money….yet these “preachers” ignore them all. 

Now, it’s more common than ever to hear preachers like these say “God wants you to have money. I can show you how. Just say these verses and ask out loud and God will provide. Just look what He has done for me. Now for only $49.99 I’ll teach you how to get what you want from God like I did! I’ll even give you a coupon for 10% off my latest book. 

The problem is that some non-believers will see these preachers and their behavior and it will cause them to stay away from God. Other believers will wait for their riches and health and blessings to come and once they don’t they lose faith. Zach, this life here on earth is not always going to be peachy. How would you learn if there weren’t trials and tests. These preachers failed the “worldly test”.

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