Son, I am friends with a lot of really “good people” here on The Face Book. My friends have a wide variety of opinions and beliefs about what should or shouldn’t be done with this country, and who should or shouldn’t run it. There is one overwhelming thing I’ve noticed that runs through them all however……..THEY CARE! 
I guarantee you I could get them all in a room and we could be amicable and talk through our differences. We could agree to disagree and still like each other. Sure, sometimes frustrations can get the best of us, but you can’t hide a kind heart. 
I think we are going to be ok. There are way too many good people out there. (Especially them Chandler folks!)
Don’t just surround yourself with people who agree with everything you say. 

You will find out in life you won’t learn anything that way. 
Love you buddy!  

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