Son, I love you so much!  I am so incredibly proud of the young man you have grown into!    We are at a big crossroad in our country and in  our towns. The decisions we make over the next 10 years will either make or break us.  Will we continue to choose hate over love?  Will we continue to stay silent about how we really feel because speaking out and taking a stand is too much work?  Will we start practicing what we preach?  Will we start to give with glee instead of “it’s all about me, me, me”?    Will we learn how hope works, or will we continue to be too afraid to leave our house?  Will we take advantage of the time we have with all these great generations and figure out a real plan for our future?  

I have grown immensely. My eyes are wide open.  My mind is sharp.  

Money.  People want to give.  People don’t trust where their money is going when they give.  Our federal programs spend over half of what we give them on things that don’t reach the people in need.   How do they know where our money should be spent?  Bring it back local.  I have an idea…

A rallying cry.  Americans are scared.  We need something to believe in as the resurgence of super hero movies and the surprising increase in “Christian” themed films demonstrate. We obviously don’t realize how much we can do together; because we grow farther apart every day.  I have an idea…

Not alone. How do we get out from in front of our electronics and see what is happening in our world?   How do we stop ourselves from going down the road where we lose almost all interpersonal communication?  How do we let others know they are not alone?  I have an idea..

Growth.  They only thing growing is our technology, our waste lines  and our debt.  Our federal government is leading by a great example.   What can we do to stimulate our brains and train ourselves to learn?  How can we turn that learning into growth?  I have an idea…

Big things are ahead my boy!  Let’s start kicking our journey into high gear!



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