No comparison

Lord, please forgive me. I am sick, and although that is not an excuse, I feel like I am about to lose it. If I hear another person compare my faith to that of these barbaric monsters I am going to explode. I know even those ISIS fools are your creation and you have told me not to hate. I can’t help it right now, I hate them. I hate that our president used these scumbags in the same sentence as Christians. I hate the fact a young beautiful soul from my own state was killed by these wicked people when all she was trying to do was help others. I hate that we haven’t done anything about it.

No one can ever justify this type of behavior, and no one can ever compare what they are doing to to what Christians are doing. Those people who honestly think Christians are just as bad, I feel sorry for. Hopefully Lord, you will open their eyes someday as they are truly lost.

My heart hurts Lord!

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