Play Ball!

Son, I know it’s not fun doing something you are not good at. I know you have heard me tell stories about what a natural athlete I was. I didn’t tell you the story about my volleyball days when I was called the giant or baseball tryouts where I was one of the only kids to hit the baseball from the pitching machine because I wanted to brag. I told you because I want you to know you have it in you. I passed it down to you. It’s there, but you have to practice to bring it out.

It was tough for me to see you cry this morning because you had PE and you don’t know how to hit the softball. I wanted to go to PE with you and show those little punks that they are wrong for teasing you. But, then I thought about it. How could you be good at any of these sports when you never wanted to play any of them? You never wanted to go out with your dad to play catch. Heck, our basketball hoop hardly ever gets used. You can’t expect to be good at something you never play.

I am sorry the kids are making fun of you, but you can change that. For one, you need to not let it get to you. Laugh at yourself; that always worked for me. Two, let’s get out and play some ball. I guarantee you will like sports once you get better at them. If you don’t try, you have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t get better.

You are a natural athlete. The balance and skill it takes to ride that skateboard is much more than the skill it takes to hit or shoot a ball. I tried for years to ride a skateboard but I never got anywhere close to as good as you are now. You have the height and length I never had. I was the smallest kid on almost all of my teams. I sat on the bench in 9th grade basketball at a school that only had about 50 kids. You don’t have anything holding you back but yourself.

Maybe it is my fault for not pressing you to play organized sports. I didn’t want to push you, but maybe I should have. You might have appreciated it now.

We can change it all. Let’s play this weekend. Love you my boy!

Philippians 4:13
I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

P.S. I asked my Grandpa Bruno to help you today. I think either he or my Grandma Landis is going to be there with you today. Let me know how it goes.

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