Alive and kicking

When I was in college, (or when I was supposed to be in college) I used to tell my buds that I would be lucky to make it to 40 with what we put our bodies through night after night. I made a bet with Abe, my good friend’s dad. He said he was going to live longer than me. I thought he was nuts, kind of.

I am still here! I know why. I have a purpose. There is a plan.

This week I was reminded that life is in the journey, not the prize I was seeking as a result. I realized I started getting back into bad habits by thinking and stressing about tomorrow.

Then, the switch flipped. I started to remember how great every day was when I was living in the moment. I woke up the next day and started over.

You can’t worry about tomorrow. Stress is a killer. That is probably the reason that deep down I am surprised I made it to my 40s. Deep down I wasn’t going to be surprised if Abe won the bet. I put my body through a lot of stress from age 18-40something.

Live each day like it is your last. All it takes is consistent prayer and faith. Then, sit back and watch God work in your life.

Read my blog if you want to see what it has done for me.

Happy to be alive!


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