Life Lessons at 25

Son, I wrote this poem when I was 25.  It’s strange, but now that I think about it, this was right about the time things really started to go well for me with that tall drink of water you call your mom.   I am sure there was a reason I wrote this poem.  I would bet anything that if I dig through my pile of papers I call my book, I will find something bad that  happened right before I wrote this.  I probably quit my job or just got in a fight with your mom.  Those are the two things that could stress me out enough to get me to write back then.


That is how I operated.  I only sought HIM when I needed HIM, it wasn’t every day like I am trying to be consistent doing now.  I was right about everything in this poem. I just wasn’t ready at the time to live my life that way, especially on a daily basis.  


Love you my boy!



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