I’ll miss you Martha!

I love you Martha I wish I could be there today.

You were an amazing woman who I looked up to in every way.


Your kindness spread to others and you were always full of glee.

What great memories I have with you, Dan, and me.


Remember the time Tommy and I spent the weekend at your house?

Dan bet us that we couldn’t live off pizza and nothing else.


We all loved to go swimming in your awesome pool.

Your pond with the fishes we all thought was cool.


You were always so happy when we would come over to see you.

I regret that it wasn’t very often, and it had been more than a year or two.


I know Dan was there to meet you as you passed on to that special place.

I know you are not alone, and you still have that incredible smile on your face.


You were a very special lady and one who had a big impact on my life.

I am so glad that you got to meet Zach and my wonderful wife.


If I could be like you in just one way,

it would be to mirror your generosity in every day.


Someday I will see you again, this I know is true.

Until then I will try to live my life to be just like you.


Thank you again for all the love you and Dan gave so many of us! I love you Martha, say hi to Dan for me! 




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