Happy Mother’s day!

Mother’s Day 2014

I sure have had some very special moms in my life!
From my own incredible mom, to my caring and beautiful wife.

My mother in law and my aunts also have a big influence on me.
Debbie, Aunt Phyl, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Diane, and Tia Tillie.

They are all remarkable and support me in whatever I do.
The person I am today, is because of all of you!

I watched and learned as I grew up around you all.
I saw how much you cared when one of us would fall.

I learned about the incredible patience you have at your side.
I know how much you love me, and how we all fill you with pride.

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me without even knowing you did.
I am so grateful that you all treated me as your very own kid!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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