I’ve got the music in me

The very first time I went to CCC I didn’t like it. At that time the church was meeting at a school.  I didn’t go back for a long time because I thought there was too much music in the service.  I was used to my last church where we had an 85 year old lady playing the “traditional” songs on her organ.  Many years later when I did finally go back, the church had grown into the “big church” on Alma School.     I said: “they not only play more music than they used to, but now the church was just too big for me.   I like the smaller churches; they are more like Immanuel Baptist and College Heights were.”

Son, you would be amazed at how easy I could justify not going in my head. These were just a few of the many  reasons I gave myself for not going.     I am sure you can see that these were just excuses. If I really  wanted to go to church, why didn’t I look for another place to call home?


5 years later I went back to Chandler Christian and drug you along with me.  As you know we started off strong, but then it got a little rocky at times.  We have smoothed it out, and we are at church just about every Sunday now.   I even went to that awesome little church up in Strawberry when we stayed at Uncle Tom and Aunt Phyl’s cabin.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss hearing God’s word that week.


I started to get into the music at church…… big time!  That young man who plays the guitar and leads the band is incredible!  God blessed him with the ability to get even someone like me to sing and clap at church.  Thanks to him and all the awesome musicians and singers on that stage,  I have 13 new songs on my iPod.  Even though I have over 100 songs on that iPod, I never get past song #13 before I skip back to the first song and repeat.  I really think playing that music everyday makes a big difference, especially when I’m driving!


When I hear some of those songs in my car, I get chills because they remind me of how I feel listening to them at church.  There have been many times at church that I have to hold back the tears because I feel so moved and inspired by the song.  Hearing that many people sing together like that is something special!  When I play my iPod in my car on the way home from work, it helps me remember how much I love hearing it on Sunday in church.  It helps me remember the feeling I get being there.


I’ve got the music in me, and it’s all thanks to that talented you man at church!  What a difference he is making!   We need to go meet him and thank him someday.


You rock son!



Psalm 135:3

Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good;
sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant.

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