You may kiss the bride

Son, getting married may not seem like a big priority in your life right now; but I promise you that will change someday. Hopefully (many years from now) you will find that one person who will make you forget about everything else. You won’t think about yourself anymore. You will be consumed by the need to get them to smile. You will work yourself up trying to figure out a way to propose (and afford the ring) and you will pray the love of your life says yes. You will find love, and your life will never be the same. It is an amazing thing when two people find that special connection.

Your Aunt Ronnie and her fiancée Don came by last night. It was great to see them, and they even brought us pizza! We enjoyed our food and sat around talking. It was then that your mom was asked (sort of) to be the matron of honor in their wedding. I think your mom had to clarify a few times, it was pretty funny! I could tell your mom was excited and was very happy to be a part of it.

Then, Aunt Ronnie and soon to be “Uncle” Don started telling us about how they had been thinking about it, and they would actually like me to perform the wedding. Your mom started crying, and I just thought………What? I had no idea how I could do something like that. I ‘m not a minister. I was in shock, but so humbled and honored that they would even ask me. Your mom and Aunt started telling me that it is easy to get ordained and I can do it in a few minutes online. It still hadn’t sunk in. How can this be?

I woke up this morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am actually going to be a part of a magical moment that two people in love will never forget! Better still, they are my family! I am so honored, and can’t imagine anyone ever considering me for such a great and important event. I will do my best to make sure their wedding is extra special.

Guess what else hit me this morning? I started thinking about the sign this might be. You know the journey I’ve been on the last 10 months or so. There is no way anyone would have asked me to perform their wedding before I started my quest. I also keep thinking about the fact that I am going to be ordained. I know getting ordained in 5 minutes online isn’t the same as doing it through the church, but I can’t help but wonder if this is the first step towards something else. The mere fact that I am getting ordained and was asked to perform this wedding gives me the chills every time I think about it. It is amazing how the Lord is working in my life! Every day is a new adventure, and yesterday was another confirmation that I am on the right track.

Keep your eyes open son!


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