An investment in me

Son, I have outgrown my “free” website. I have almost 100 posts on there and I need to upgrade in order to organize and categorize everything the way I want. There are way too many posts on one page, and I want more flexibility to highlight some of my favorite lessons.

I don’t really have the $100 it costs to be able to customize and better position all my writing. I was going to wait until my first bonus check in October to upgrade. I was driving home from work today and I kept feeling like I should stop by my parents. I should ask them if they wanted to invest in my writing. As I sat there in the family room talking to my mom and dad, I started to get flashbacks.

Many, many times I had come to my parents asking for money. Usually I asked them for money because I spent all mine on beer or food. Sometimes I came to them because I couldn’t make my rent payment. The worst one was when I got my car repossessed for not making a payment.

This time was different. This time it wasn’t about money to help me live some dream or crazy idea I had. This time there was a good reason! It felt great! Even though I could tell your grandma was a little nervous at first, once she figured out what I was selling, she went and got a check.

What your grandparents gave me tonight was much more than the $100. They gave me confidence because they believe in me!

I believe in you son!


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