Helping with hope

Son, thanks for giving your time and money to help those in need! I am so proud of you! When we prayed in the car before we left we thanked God for all he has given us, and we asked him to help point us the right direction to those in need.

We found 3 different people we were able to help today. The first was a young lady, not much older than your cousin Haley. She was in bad shape, but was so happy we stopped to help. We didn’t have much to give her, but what we had was enough. I told her we would pray for her tonight. We can’t forget.

The 2nd lady was just down on her luck. According to her sign, she was robbed, and she was in a new town with nothing to her name. Did you hear how appreciative she was? I wish we had more time to talk and get her name, but the light turned green and I was afraid we were going to cause an accident. We will pray for her tonight as well, God knows who she is.

The last person we helped needed it very badly. Did you see how excited and grateful he was? The snacks and extra money we gave him will definitely help! We were a few cars back, and no other car in front of us even rolled down their windows. However, that changed once he walked past the cars and we gave him the bag of food with some money in it. As he walked back to the corner, the car in front of us rolled down their window and gave him some money too. You witnessed firsthand how being generous can lead others to follow. It was an awesome thing, and I am so happy you got to see it! We will pray for Ray as well.

We went to give out some much needed money, but what you ended up giving was much more. You also gave hope!

I love you son,


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