I humbly accept

Son, I have a very important lesson for you today about humility and gratitude.   As you know, I recently started a new job.   I want you to understand that had the position been offered to me before I started to change; I would never have accepted it.  Let me explain why.

First, when I initially applied to work there, it was for a managerial job.  I was called in for an interview, and I thought it was going very well.   Towards the end of the interview, the person interviewing me asked what I thought about starting on the phones (a non-manager job) so I could learn the systems and their issues.  He said I could always apply for a management job down the road, as they are growing very quickly.

Without hesitation I said “absolutely I would do that!”   At that time, I had no idea what kind of pay was involved. (I figured it wouldn’t be much)   I didn’t know if there was any type of bonus opportunity, or what kind of benefits they offered.  It didn’t even faze me that I would have to spend over two hours of drive time getting to and from work.  I was grateful for the opportunity, and I let God guide me.

In the past I would have probably answered that interviewer’s question the same way, but I would not have meant it.  I would have driven home frustrated and angry that they didn’t see the value I could bring.  I would have said:  “F#@* them,”, and “it’s their loss.”  I would have been waiting for a phone call or email telling me I didn’t get the manager job, which could have been weeks later.

Instead, by the time I got home from that trek to Phoenix, I received a call from them.  They wanted to offer me the non-manager phone rep position.  I had no other job lined up, and my position with the last company just ended 2 days prior.  I had to find work.  I didn’t get cocky like I would have before, mumbling words under my breath like:  “I am above that”, or “I’m not driving that far for a low paying phone job”, or even, “you are losing out, because I am the best at what I do.”   This time I was humble and grateful for any opportunity to provide for our family. I thanked God for the phone call and the offer to work and provide for you.

Here is what happened after I accepted the position:

I found out the position is a work from home position.  Wow, that would make it much better!

I also found out there is a bonus program, and that there is an opportunity to make much more than I would have ever thought.

I found out the benefits are incredibly rich and better than most places I have worked.

I found out my shift would allow me plenty of time to write in the morning, and I would be available to get you ready and see you off to school every morning.

As you know, I have to go into that North Phoenix office for the next month of training.  I started to have a little regret after sitting in that darn traffic, but I made it there.  I quickly realized there was a lady who I worked with many years ago in class with me. She and her husband are really good people, and he was actually one of my favorite reps back in the day.  It turns out that this ex co-worker just happens to live fairly close to us, and she asked me if I wanted to carpool.  I can’t tell you how much better and quicker my ride is now that we get to use the carpool lane!   I can leave later to go to work, and I get home to you and your mom much faster after my day ends.

I was also introduced to our trainer that first day.  He is an incredibly positive and caring man.   He spent a good part of the first day explaining how lucky we should feel that we are there.   We even watched a short clip of a great motivation speaker named Zig Zigler.   He talked about how to love your job.   It was just what I needed, as signs of the “old Bill” crept in and I questioned my decision to work there.  Between the instructor and Mr. Zigler, I left day one feeling incredibly blessed.  I knew little about the job before I started, but now I know more than enough to see that God has blessed me incredibly!  I also found out today that our trainer, (the positive upbeat man from Ohio) is an associate pastor as well.

Blind faith is what it took.  Look what being humble and grateful can do for you.  Also, look what having faith in God’s plan can do.   I was rewarded for changing my behaviors and attitude.  I found opportunities I never would have discovered being my old self-centered cocky self.

God is taking care of us.   This is where he wants me to be, and he even sent a man of God to teach my training class.  It is amazing how many things he said in the last week that hit home for me on a personal level.

The signs are everywhere, I am so thankful I have my eyes open!

Love you son,


1 Thessalonians 5:18:  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


1 thought on “I humbly accept

  1. veronicacannon

    I like that. Sometimes I think some (not all) of the long-term unemployed we’ve been hearing a lot about may be having the same attitude you began to have. Thinking we’re too good for a position in a market like we’ve been having can lead to continued collection of those lame unemployment checks, but I think it happens to a lot of people. I’ve seen people take jobs they are clearly over-qualified for, but they are willing to take it in order to have the pride of paying their own bills. Many times that position can lead to other unexpected opportunities or as in your case, turn out to be a better position than originally thought! Congrats on the new position.
    P.S. Ziglar is awesome.


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