Two Conditions....

Son, it was my first day of my new job today. Everything went great, and I am even more excited about my new company than I was before. However, it was on my way home that my day really started to get good.

As I sat in the long line waiting to enter the freeway, I spotted him. A rough looking fellow with a sign that only read: “God bless you!” He was smiling as he walked past all the cars in front of me, even though no one rolled their window down to give him a hand. I didn’t think I had any money on me, but I searched anyway. I found $5 I forgot I had put it in my wallet for my first day of work; it was there just in case I needed it.

As he reached my car, I handed him the money. He was so grateful! He said he will accept my money under 2 conditions: 1. “Take care driving home” and 2. “Please don’t stop helping others.” I was kind of stunned; I didn’t know what to say. He also said “May you get the day off with pay tomorrow.” I started laughing! I could tell he had been standing there for a while, but he had an incredible attitude. He skipped away from my car after I handed him the $5 and he started shouting “God bless, God bless!” The arrow turned green and he watched for me as I was in the far back of the line trying to get through the light. When he saw my car coming he turned back towards me and waved.
I wished him luck, and said God loves you my brotha, take care and be well!

Another amazing day!

Hebrews 13:16: And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

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