Cabin Carryover

Son, thanks for last night!  I loved the 2+ hours we spent as a family reminiscing about our crazy animal stories.   It was like we were still at Uncle Tom’s & Aunt Phyl’s cabin.  There isn’t any “WI-FI” or cable TV, and even our cell phones have limited range up there.   We have to either go outside and explore, or find something to do together that doesn’t involve electronics. 

Although last night at home we didn’t have the awesome view we had at the cabin, it was just as great!  There is nothing I like more than to see my wife and son happy and laughing.   Let’s leave the TV off more often!

Call your grandma and she will tell you I am not making it all up.   We did actually own a steer that looked like a cow with an udder, and a horse that was blind in one eye and kept running into the fence when you rode him.   

I love you my boy who needs a haircut!




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