Interview Intervention

Hey bud. Before I got out of the car for my interview this morning, I prayed. It was a different prayer than I’ve said in past times of distress. Instead of asking for God to help me land this job, I asked God to help me represent myself as best as I can. I asked that HIS will be done, and I thanked him for getting me there safely.

I had a great interview! In fact, I can’t think of how it could have gone any better! Even if I don’t end up working there, I met a really good guy that I will definitely keep in contact with. If I make it through the cut, I’ll have a final interview with the owner soon.

As I drove off, I was feeling great! I was on the way back to work when I locked eyes with a gentleman at the intersection holding a sign, looking for money. I was several cars back, but he saw me. He knew I saw him. I started looking for change in my car……….nothing. The light turned green and as I drove by I saw the desperate shape this guy was in. He was rough. He reminded me of a dusty old cowboy from the wild West.

I had to turn around. It was as if God was saying: “Bill, I did you a solid this morning, now do something for me.” “Help one of my children.” I stopped at Circle K and got this for him. I didn’t have time to take him to lunch, but he was very appreciative. Jimmy popped open the Gatorade and was guzzling it down before the light turned green and I was off again. I told him God bless and good luck.

I didn’t think about my interview again after that.


Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

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