You are not living unless you are giving!

Son, it was almost 2 weeks ago that I told you about a recent setback I experienced. I told you I was disappointed that we did not do any charitable giving in January. When I was writing that post, I started to think of ways we could make a difference without having to give out cash. I wrote down an idea I had. Why couldn’t we find someone who is on a street corner begging and let them know we would buy them lunch? I was thinking about this idea for giving again yesterday. I was worried because we were already at the 10th of the month and we haven’t done anything yet. I prayed for God’s help in finding the right opportunity to give.

Flash forward to today on my way home from work. You are out eating dinner with your Aunt, so your mom asked me to pick up some Jack-in-the-box for her. As I order the food and pull forward towards the window, I notice a man standing about 30 feet from my passenger side door. I wasn’t sure what he was doing. He was too far away and it was dark. I couldn’t tell if he just walked out of the bar next door, or if he may be in need of some help. I kept thinking to myself “maybe I should swing around and see what he is up to? Maybe this is someone I can help out?” When I reached the drive through window and paid, the young lady asked me to pull around; they would bring the food out to me.

I parked and waited. I couldn’t see that guy anymore as I was now on the opposite side of the building. Within a minute though, that man came walking by, right in front of my car. He looked rough, but you could tell he was trying to pull himself together. He looked ready for a journey. He had a rolled up blanket, and a beat-up backpack stuffed to the max. I couldn’t help but think this was a sign. I yelled over to him: “where you headed?” He said the next town South, he was beat up in Phoenix and they stole his wallet. He figured he would get out of that town after that. I asked him if he’d had anything to eat. He said “no, I don’t have any money”. “Well I don’t have any cash, but I will buy you a meal” I told him. He was overjoyed! He kept thanking me, and thanking me. The young lady who works at J&B was privy to most of our conversation, as she came out to deliver Steph’s food while we were talking. She opened the door for us and I ordered a large #11 for him. I told him a warm meal should help him with his hike.

He was so grateful. He said: “God is great! It’s people like you that make a difference!” He appreciated it so much. Even the young lady who worked there was all smiles as she took his order. She thanked me as well. Jeff (that man) told me he just cleaned up his shoes and he was doing his best. I was tempted to sit down and hear his story, but I didn’t. I had a hard time holding it together enough to say God bless you, and good luck. I was again inspired because God put that man in my path. Unreal!

I share this with you son, because believe it or not, that one event made my day as much if not more than it did Jeff’s. Maybe a good meal is just what Jeff needed to make it down to Casa Grande or Tucson, or wherever he ends up landing. Who knows, the young lady who works there may be inspired to help someone else out someday because of it. How amazing is it to watch God’s work unfold?! This stop at the Jack-in-the-box was the first stop I made after I prayed to ask God for help finding a way to give.

Matthew 25:35
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.

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