A fall from grace?

Son, don’t idolize men.  Men are flawed and can eventually disappoint you.  They are flesh and blood, they are not perfect.

Recently a pastor at a huge church in Gilbert was asked to resign over an extra-marital affair he had with someone in his own church congregation.  He, like all of us couldn’t avoid sin.  People held him to a higher standard than most because he was a preacher of God’s word.   You should know that just because someone is a church leader, it doesn’t mean they can escape sinning.  The bible tells us that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”.  This pastor fell to temptation, but I wouldn’t be so quick to judge.  I am sure God has a plan for him.  He may come out of all this a stronger, more faithful Christian who ends up helping lead many more people to Christ.  He may end up giving up on his faith and no longer believing in the power of the almighty.  This is not for us to know, we just need to understand that God has a purpose for everything.

What you do need to know is that God works through people.  He uses us to help spread his word.  When you hear anyone preaching about God’s commandments or his wonderful love for us, you should listen.  Please understand that they are just a vessel.  Understand the real messenger is God.  Don’t kill the messenger for mistakes and sins that his followers may make.  Don’t feel sorry for the pastor who recently resigned, but do feel bad for those that will use it as an excuse to not attend church.  One human can’t make us all better Christians.  One human doesn’t decide if we are worthy or not.  Only God  has the power to change our lives and bring us closer to him.  He will however use others to help get his wisdom across to us.

This story ended up making national news.  Why?  Could it be because the devil wants everyone to see when strong Christian leaders fail?  The devil is at work creating reasons for us to doubt our faith.  There are more examples of his work now than ever before.  It’s almost as if he has free reign over this world.  There have been many  church leaders who have failed to practice what they are preaching, and there will be many more.  We are human, and with that you need to expect flaws.  The amazing part is God still loves us through it all.

Can you see why our mission is so critical?     The good news is we can be confident in knowing that God always wins in the end!  Wouldn’t it be great to be even a small part of that victory?

I love you son,


Psalms 118: 8  “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.”

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