The greatest son

One of the many things I remember about Jesus was how he led by example. He didn’t come riding up into town in a Lambo, he rode on a donkey. He wasn’t dressed in Armani; he had sandals and a robe. There wasn’t a person he avoided, and he spent most of his time with the sick and poor. 

He lived by a higher standard and never compromised his faith. He loved everyone for who they were. He taught the disciples and his people lessons that no one could argue with. He performed many miracles, but not just to show his awesome power. He had a story to tell….a story about how God expects us all to act. A story about the fact we are all sinners, and how there is hope with him. 

“Turn the other cheek”, 
“Let those without sin throw the first stone”, 
“Love your neighbors”, 

These were just a few of the things Jesus preached about. There isn’t one thing he said in his life we should disagree with. How could we? Everything he talked about would only make us a better people if we’d just act on his words. We still hear many of his words of wisdom today, but unfortunately sometimes Jesus does not get the credit for them. 

Jesus didn’t think one way, and then say something else. He didn’t say one thing and then do something completely opposite. Jesus didn’t teach us that we must always make sure we have the last word. He didn’t tell us to sit back and do nothing when times are tough. 

Jesus is the ultimate role model. Even though you can’t physically see or touch him right now; you can feel him. He will be with us on our journey to change things for the better. His words of wisdom are always there for us. 

Jesus tells us if we want the answers to today’s problems, we just have to listen to what he told us. We have to follow in his footsteps as closely as we can. 

Zach, it is impossible for any of us to be totally like Jesus. We can’t avoid the sin and failures of faith like he did. God knows that. This is why he sent Jesus, to save us. Be careful though, just because God knows you can’t avoid sin doesn’t mean he is OK with it. 

We need to help others understand what is truly important. We can’t just talk about it. Jesus was the first to “talk the talk and walk the walk”. He didn’t start his journey thinking it was going to be easy. He knew what his father’s plan was for him, and that it meant he would be crucified.

Your journey through life won’t always be pleasant. However, if you follow in the example of Jesus, your life will be fulfilling! 

Also know that anything you have learned from me, I have learned from “Our Father”.

Merry Christmas Son!


Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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