Son, sometimes things in life come down to simple decisions we make.  I have one facing me right now.  It’s not life or death by any means, but it is still a decision I need to make. 

 As you know, I don’t get paid when I don’t work.  Yes, this is unlike   many of the corporate jobs I have had where you get vacation and sick time.   Every hour I work means more income for our family. 

Here is the situation:  Our offices are “technically” going to be closed until the first Monday in January.   I was told I could come in and work if I wanted to.  I would be by myself in the office and it will be pretty slow.  I was even offered the opportunity to put in 5 more hours, allowing me to get up to 40 hours a week. 

We’ve talked about many things over the last few months.   What do you think I should do?  


a.)     Take a few extra days off and enjoy the holidays?

b.)    Take the two weeks off and enjoy the holidays?

c.)     Work every hour I can to make sure we stay above water?



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