Doing your best

                           Doing your best


Son, your mom is absolutely incredible!  She never comes up with excuses.  She has 3 jobs, and she excels at each one.  You need to look no further than your own house to find out what true work ethic is all about.  I sure hope you take after her!


Do you think your mom wants to have 3 jobs?  Probably not, but there is a difference between doing what you “need to” and doing what you “want to”.  Most of my life was spent doing only what I wanted to, your mom is the total opposite. 


Do you think she likes missing out on Christmas parties and fun stuff this time of year?

Do you think she likes helping a stubborn kid with a 10 second attention span do his homework?

Do you think she likes eating a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich because she is too busy to prepare an actual meal?

Do you think she enjoys having 2 messy guys to clean up after?

Do you think she enjoys being stressed out with all the work?


The answer to all of these questions is a big fat NO!  Sometimes in life (it can be often at times) you have to do things you don’t necessarily care for.  Life isn’t always fair, but you have to keep on trucking. 


I sent your mom a text today saying:  “I love you!  You are nothing short of amazing!”.  She responded with:  “I do my best”.   Zach, that response sums up your mom “to a T”.    She ALWAYS does her best! 


Had I always tried to do my best, who knows what I might have accomplished by now. 

Do you always do your best?  Do you think your friends do?  Who else do you know that always does their best with everything they take on? 


We need to figure out a way to spread your mom’s traits to others in your generation.   How can we be the best country in the world when so many of us only do the minimum?  Let’s see if we can figure this one out.


I love you my boy!




Proverbs 13: 4

“The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied”

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