I met an Amazing man today.

Son, I met the most amazing man today.  He is from India and is 79 years old. He lived most of his life in that country and had a good salaried position as an engineer.  When his parents died he was offered an inheritance.  His parents were pretty well off even by America’s standards.   He declined his inheritance and instead passed it on to his children.  

He didn’t want anything from his kids in return.  In fact, he is concerned about being a burden on them now that he is semi-retired. He wants to support himself.  This gentleman recently worked PT  as a tax advisor to help the underprivileged who couldn’t do taxes on their own and didn’t have the money to pay someone else to do it for them. He also volunteers at his grandkid’s school here in Gilbert and gives of his time at the public library helping folks by answering tax related questions and much more.  All this at 79 years old.

He told me he thinks we are overstating how advanced this great country of ours is. The reason…….he is caught in one of our many bureaucratic loopholes. He can’t get Medicare health insurance coverage because he only worked 5 years in the U.S.   He can get AHCCCS coverage from the state, but only in the 7 months he wasn’t working PT as a tax professional. 

He embodies everything I want you to be as you grow older.  This 79 year old man refuses to sit at home, he cares about others more than himself, and he doesn’t want any handouts.

Yet here he is, stuck in this loophole. His whole life he has done the right thing, and he now has to go without health insurance for 5 months of the year because he wants to work and help others with his knowledge of our tax systems. He told me about his time in India and how people told him he couldn’t live comfortably on his salary alone.  He was offered money “under the table” many times, but always turned it down. He felt integrity was more important than anything.

This is how you know we have many opportunities to become a better country.  It says a lot about us when we let good people like this man who helps and cares for those in need suffer.  It also should tell you a lot about what we are doing wrong when it makes more sense for this man to quit his PT job so he doesn’t have to go without insurance.  Instead of feeling like he is contributing by working, he now feels horrible he had to stop. Our message to him is “don’t bother working, we will just give it to you.

How do we get money or help to great people like him so he can continue helping others without the risk of financial ruin from not having health insurance?

 We talked about the girl your age from Portland who was trying to sell mistletoe because she wanted to help pay for her braces.  She was told she couldn’t sell the mistletoe, but she could beg for the money if she wanted to.  This is what that wise young girl said in a radio interview:  “What it really boils down to is this generation’s work ethic,” Root told them. “And I think that’s how it’s going right now …it’s disappointing to me that this country has come down to begging, instead of working hard for something you want and you need!”

 Son, this is an example of something we need to fix.  We need to take care of people that deserve it and truly make a difference in other’s lives.   We have to stop randomly giving money out to anyone with their hand held out.





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