PRIDE IN OUR COUNTRY


Son, when I grew up we were in the midst of the cold war. We were worried about Russia and their nuclear capabilities.   I remember thinking that someday we would all be erased by nuclear weapons.  We cared so much about our country, we bled read white and blue.   I guess the thought of not knowing if tomorrow would be the end of it all brought us closer together.    

One of the best moments from my childhood was when the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team beat the big bad Soviet Union squad.  We were major underdogs; nobody thought we stood any chance to beat them. Guess what, we did!   I think I celebrated for years after that historic win.   As Americans we all had one thing in common…..we couldn’t stand those darn communists. 

There wasn’t much that really pulled us all together in the years following the Soviet Union’s downfall.  It wasn’t until the horrible attacks of 9/11 (a year before you were born) that it seemed we all put our petty differences behind us and stood as one nation.   Unfortunately that didn’t last long.   Here we are just 12 years after the biggest attacks our country has ever experienced, and we are more divided than ever before. 

Some blame it on our country’s leaders, and yes they may be partially to blame.  However, I believe the real reason is that we forgot what it took to form and keep this great country of ours.  We forgot how we had to fight the British, who at the time were much more powerful and equipped to fight a war than a rag tag group of colonists.   The fact we won that war is absolutely amazing.   We don’t remember how many of your ancestors fought and died to protect our freedom.  We don’t care about history, because after all, “history is history”.  Who needs the past, when the future is what we care about. 

We forgot what it is like to build a house with our own sweat and tears, or go hunt for our own food.  We are spoiled, and self-centered.  We don’t have to “earn” our right to be here anymore, and we are starting to take our life in this great nation for granted.  Everything is given to us; we don’t have to work as hard to get it as those that came before us did.  Who knows what is in the history books at school nowadays, but instead of focusing on making you memorize important dates from history, we should be working on helping  you understand EVERYTHING it took to become the greatest country in the world.   

We need to think long and hard about things we can do to help bring this great country back together. How do we get our USA pride back?   What makes you proud to live here?  Do you and your cousins really know what makes this country so special?   Let’s see what we can come up with.



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