your dreams

Son, I was about your age when I started to dream about becoming a writer and being rich. This quest would consume my life and I just knew I would never be happy until I reached these goals. When I got married to your mom I thought it would provide extra motivation to get things done. When you were born, I thought I would be more driven to write in order to provide a great life for you. I went through 20 jobs and a thousand pages of writing over the last 30 years and I still have not reached these goals. 

But, I now realize these two things: 1. I was already a writer, but I had the wrong subject. I needed a story that had a message, not just a story about the fun crazy times I had partying with my friends. 
2. Money doesn’t make me happy. I have had jobs making 6 figures and I was stressed and miserable. Money is just a tool, it is neither good nor bad. It all depends on what the person holding it does with it. 

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, but do make sure they are really what you want!


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