Watch for the signs

Son pay attention to the signs. They are always there if you are looking for them. 

I was reading some of my writing from over the summer. I happened upon some words I wrote about what I was hoping my next job would be like. I wrote: “I am still trying to figure out what to do next for a job. I want something I can enjoy, isn’t too stressful, and isn’t far away. I need to make enough not to stress over paying necessary bills, but I don’t want to make so much that I get comfortable and forget about my writing”. This was back on August 4th.

Flash forward to Sunday October 6th. At church we heard about living each day as if it was our last. The song they sang talked about what we would do if in fact this was our last day. Would we reach out to friends we haven’t communicated with in some time? This was the first day I started to try and live each day like my last. I felt bad that I had shut out some of my really good friends. Friends that were in my wedding no less. I decided after church to reach out to them. Within a week I had a job that my friend was hiring for. The job? It fit everything I was hoping for when I wrote about it back in August. I have great hours. 11am-7pm Monday thru Friday. It is very low stress, will help me pay the bills until I write something worth publishing, and it is 15 minutes from my home. Coincidence? I think not! 


“Anyone can achieve success, they don’t always need God’s help. 
But to truly make a difference in this world we do”. 
Dr. Tim Kimmel, Family Matters.

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